Motivational Monday - Be Your Own Cheerleader

Hello friends! Checking in again this week to let you know how I'm doing with my goal setting. Last week I set the goal (again) to create and submit some projects for magazine submission calls and I am proud to say that I submitted some cards to the Paper Crafts May/June call over the weekend. Did you set and meet a goal this week too?

One thing I find helpful for reaching your goals is to become your own cheerleader. First you need to set goals that are important and meaningful to you so that you will want to work toward them. Then you need to be your own cheerleader...if you feel too tired one day, encourage yourself to just take a tiny step to meeting your goal. For example, one day this week I didn't feel up to working on any cards but I knew I needed to work on my goal a little so I could achieve it this week. So I just sat and looked through my papers and embellishments to find coordinating items and things that I might want to create with. Then when I went to make my cards I just needed to work on the design. If you are your own cheerleader you are also less likely to rely on others encouragement or opinions regarding your goals and thus more likely to achieve your goals regardless of outside influences. It is always nice to have family and friends to cheer you on but the first pat on the back should come from yourself.

Okay, onto my goal for this week...to take some extra special time with my boys and husband. This week my oldest has two days off from school and it is my husband's birthday so I am wanting to make sure to enjoy this week with them. Playing games, movie night, reading together...fun times!

I'll be back tomorrow with some great gift ideas and fun do-it-yourself projects!

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