Make a Wish - Using up those Rhinestones

Happy Sunday!  Today we are celebrating my mom's birthday so I thought I would share the card I made for her.  And for those of you who have a ton of rhinestones in your stash, hopefully you will be inspired to get out a few packages and use them up!

I was inspired to make this card when Paper Crafts was having their Supply Savvy call.  I don't use my rhinestones a lot...more just as a little accent...so it was fun to really try to use a lot of rhinestones and make them the focus of this card.

To create the chevron pattern with my rhinestones I first cut along a chevron patterned paper.  Then I placed the cut edge on my card where I wanted to create the rhinestone chevron and followed along the chevron with a thin line of glue.  I adhered my rhinestones along the glue line and then repeated these steps twice more to create my ombre rhinestone chevrons.

Hope you have some lovely plans for the day!  I am hoping to get a few things done around here before we head out to my mom's party.  In two weeks we will be celebrating my little one's FIRST birthday so I have a lot to do!  I may have been a little ambitious in my planning.... :) 

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