Bring on the Sunshine! - Echo Park NSD Challenge

Hello all!  I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!  Are you doing any scrapbooking?  There are so many great challenges to participate in since yesterday was National Scrapbook Day.  I am hoping to get one or two layouts done but usually I take a few days to complete a page (especially when the weather is so gorgeous!).  However, yesterday I did get have time to create a card for Echo Park's Summer Card Challenge.

Back in 2010, when Echo Park released their Sweet Summertime collection I immediately fell in love with this company.  I bought TWO of the Sweet Summertime collection packs (so I still have some in my stash).  I just love the happy, colorful, and playful designs that Echo Park comes up with and Sweet Summertime is still one of my favorites (although I am loving all their new Photo Freedom collections too!).

Sunny, yellow paper just makes me happy...how about you?!  You know those little strips at the bottom of scrapbook paper that show the pattern on the other side?  I often cut them out to use as a little accent strip or little flag but for this card I just cut my patterned paper so that the strip is still connected.  I love how it immediately creates a little border for my card and you could switch it to the top if you wanted and tie the twine around the little strip of white that separates the two patterns.

Hopefully I will be back later today with a layout!  Click HERE to see all of Echo Park's NSD challenges.

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Jennifer Grace said...

I agree, yellow sunny paper makes me happy too! Great card! x