Improving Your Photography - Great Online Classes

So, many of you comment about my photography (thank you!) and talk about wanting to improve your own photography skills so I thought I would share information on a few classes I have taken online and one that I am going to take starting this week.

The class I am starting this week is 'Finding Your Photo Style' over at Big Picture.  Is anyone else signed up for this?  If so, leave me a comment.  I am super excited to get some new tips and tricks from all the amazing photographers that are teaching this class.  Taking 'Mastering Manual Mode' and 'Photo Finish' by Elisha Snow through Big Picture Classes were the two best things I ever did for improving my photography skills.  So, I can't wait to get some new challenges to stretch myself and learn new ways to improve my photography even more!  :)

For those of you interested in improving your photography skills, I HIGHLY recommend any class by Elisha Snow.  She does have a class starting up in July again.  Seriously...my photos went from this:

to this:

Big Picture Classes offers lots of scrapbooking and other classes too and has tons of great teachers.  They also have a reward program.  For every $100 you spend on classes you earn a $10 credit.  And if you refer a friend or sign up through a link from a friend you both get 10% off your next class.  So, if you think you might like to sign up for a class click here:  http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/register.php?refer=2680469F
or enter this code when you register: 2680469F
and you will get a 10% off code for a second class (which you have a year to use)
And the Finding Your Photo Style class starts this week so if you think you might be interested be sure to check out the details HERE.
Also, if you are super serious about photography and really interested in taking your skills to the next level I also highly recommend the classes over at Creative Live 
Their classes are usually 1-3 days and you can watch them Live for free but if you can't watch the class you want (or maybe it has already aired or you want to be able to rewatch it) you can also purchase the classes.  Today (and the next two days) they are airing a class called Book Yourself Solid.
 I have seen at least parts of several classes and have always learned something new and been really impressed with their teachers.  Some of my favorite classes that I have seen are:  Newborn Posing with Kelly Brown, Wedding Photography with Jasmine Star, Bellies and Babies wirh Sandy Puc, and Children's Portrait Photography with Tamara Lackey.
Have you taken any fabulous photography classes?  I'd love to hear...just share in the comments below!


Bobbi Jo Supak said...

I'm signed up in the Finding Your Photo Style class and found your blog through the introduction message board. Very excited to get to know everyone and see everyone's photos!

Diana said...

Awesome photos. Visiting from Find your photo style.