His Holy Name

This year I am participating in the His Holy Name challenge that Patter Cross facilitates and I am loving it! Patter has such inspirational blog posts that really get you thinking about each of God's attributes. Here are my pages for Sovereign and Protector...

I am keeping these pages fairly simple since I am putting them in a photo album which does not allow for a lot of embellishments. Also, I figure that what is most important is what I am gaining from this process, studying God's word, and having an album that I can look at regularly and share with my children for years to come.

Psalm 71:15-17 really spoke to me during my study on Sovereign. One of the ways that I intend to serve God better is to speak of Him more in my daily interactions. I am so thankful for all He has taught me and I am so grateful He is in my life. For the study on the Lord as my Protector I knew immediately that I wanted to use Proverbs 18:10 because it reminded me of a song I always enjoy singing at church, "The Name of the Lord." I thought Psalm 28:7 was also a perfect verse to include since one of the ways I love to praise God is through song. Thank you for stopping by! I will hopefully be back tomorrow with a card to share with you all.


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