Motivational Monday (a little late)

Hello all! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! Did you get some Christmas shopping done? I scored a few good deals but didn't find as much as I was hoping to.

This past week, my goal was to work on a Christmas gift for my parents, which I am happy to say is halfway done. When it's finished, I will share it with you all...I think it is going to be a great gift that will be passed down through the years. My second goal for the week was to get caught up on printing and storing my photos. I am now up to date on printing out my photos and filled up 2 photo albums over the weekend! Yeah for progress!

So, for all of you out there who submit cards/projects for magazines and have yet to be published, did you see this post over at Paper Crafts today? 14 new designers are in the current Card Creations and two of them are a part of the Etsy Inspired Design Team!!! YEAH Emily and Ashley...huge congrats to you both!

And Paper Crafts just happens to have a big submission call going on right now for Card Creations Volume 9. Want to join me this week in my goal of creating and submitting at least 3 cards for this submission? Maybe we'll be the next newbies to be published in Paper Crafts! :)

Have a great day! I'll be back on Thursday with my Etsy treasury post and some great gift ideas for your kids and loved ones. I am finding some amazing stuff on Etsy these days! :)

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TMCPhoto said...

I found items for most of the people on my list. I love shopping handmade for the holidays!

We also found a beautiful pair of felt maryjanes for our Bean to wear when she comes out and joins us.