Motivational Monday - Making Progress

Well it is snowing here in WA today and school has already been cancelled for tomorrow. My son is super excited, as I was as a child, but this mommy is kind of wishing for warmer temps so that I can get out and get some shopping/errands done! However, staying home today did allow for me to list some new card making kits for kids in my Etsy shop, which was my goal for this past week...so at least I did get some things accomplished.
Here is a peek at some of the cute handmade boxes that the kits come in:

I am really enjoying setting small goals for myself each week. It motivates me to write my goals down and share them with you all because then I feel more of a commitment to completing the tasks I set for myself. I hope some of you have been joining me and are making progress toward your own goals.
This week my goal is to work on a Christmas gift for my parents...I already worked on it a little today so I'm off to a good start! :) My other goal for this week is to organize my pictures and print some up. I LOVE my digital camera (Cannon Rebel xsi) but boy do I take a TON of pictures now. I am getting a bit behind with my photo albums. When I had a film camera I was always up to date with my albums. Gotta love technology! :)
Have a wonderful evening! I'll be back tomorrow with some Etsy Inspiration and great gift ideas!

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de said...

You go girl! These are amazing!