Motivational Monday - Balance

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was filled with lots of quality family time! My goal this past week was to spend lots of time with my boys and hubby. We took time to play board games, read tons of books together, snuggle and talk, sing songs, dance, and have puff ball fights! :) You know those colorful pom pom balls that you use for craft projects...they are great fun to throw around!

Whenever you are working toward a big goal it is important not to forget to take time for your family. It's so important to have a balance. If you find your kids are acting out a bit more or you are feeling like you haven't been around much, set a goal for a week to spend good, quality time with them...you will never regret it!

I usually spend tons of time with my kiddos...sometimes to the point of not taking enough time for myself. But this past week I wanted to really make sure the time I was spending was extra special and engaging...not just homework, errands, sports, etc.

This week, with Christmas quickly approaching, my goal is to fill my Etsy shop up a bit more. Last year my card making kits for kids were a big hit and I have already sold several this past month. So, my goal is to get at least three more kits listed in my shop this week.

What goals have you been setting and achieving lately? Join me in a setting a small goal for yourself this week! I'll be back tomorrow with some Etsy inspiration!

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