Etsy Inspired Ornaments

Well, fortunately our snow melted by yesterday afternoon and we were able to get the boys to their appointment with Santa for pictures. However, my youngest wanted nothing to do with Santa and he is crying in the picture...although it is still cute and my oldest had on his very best smile!

Last night I took some time to do another of Ashley's Etsy Inspired Challenges. This weeks featured shop is Purple Toes Jewelry. I was most inspired by the shapes and colors of these two earrings.

When I saw these earrings I immediately thought of a great post I had seen on Cath's blog, Moxie Fab World, that featured paper ornaments from Kate's Paperie, because two of the ornaments had similar shapes. So, I decided to give them a try (you can download the templates from Kate's Paperie for free) using the colors in these earrings. Here is what I came up with...

I thought these would be so simple to make, especially with a template, but you really have to make sure that each piece you cut is identical and symmetrical. Needless to say, it did take me a few tries.

If you decide to try these ornaments out here are a few tips: 1. for the teardrop ornament use thicker paper, ideally two different double sided patterned paper 2. trace one shape and layer the other papers underneath when cutting in order to have them all exactly the same 3. for the figure 8 ornament I recommend using lightweight paper 4. for the figure 8 ornament I also recommend folding the paper in half before cutting out the ornament (Hope this helps! :)

Well, my little one year old had his check up and shots this morning so I am going to go give him some more good snuggles and love! Hope you are having a good day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Ashley said...

Kerry! These are fabulous! I love them! What adorable creations! Thanks for playing again! You are so wonderful!