Motivational Monday - One Step at a Time

How was your Monday? Did you set a small goal for yourself last week and achieve it?
My goal last week was to participate in two card challenges. Now, technically I did do this but I only created one card (shown HERE). But I am proud of myself for making the time this week to participate in the challenges and I was also very nicely rewarded for it too! :) My card was picked as one of the Fab 5 at 2 Sketches 4 You and it was also chosen to be in the spotlight over at 365 cards!

I have always been a goal oriented person and have found great success in setting small goals to get to the larger goal. That way it's not so overwhelming. Like starting my Etsy Shop...first I just looked into the idea, researched things on Etsy and read the forums. Then as I was deciding to actually start my shop I worked on getting a business license, planning out the details for my shop such as shipping policies and the announcement. Then when it was time to start my shop I made sure to have some inventory, practiced taking good pictures of my products, and decided on pricing. Now, I just need to continue to set small goals for myself so that I keep developing new products, increase my inventory, and work on promoting too.

So, each Monday I will be posting my weekly goal and hope that this will encourage some of you to join me in the same goal or in working on your own goal. This is a way for me to hold myself more accountable and not just keep putting things off until next week when I think I will have more time...that rarely happens! :)

This week my goal is to create and submit two cards/projects for magazine submission calls. Last year I set the goal to get published and I made it happen. But since then I have not submitted much so I want to get in the habit of trying to submit a few projects each month. And for those of you who feel like you'll never get published...there is no harm in trying. Eventually you might get a project picked up and get to see it in a magazine which is super exciting!

Here are a few links to submission calls in case you want to join me in my goal for this week!
Creating Keepsakes
Scrapbook Trends/Cards/Handmade
Paper Crafts

Enjoy the rest of your evening! I'll be back tomorrow with some Etsy inspiration!

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