Turquoise Dream

Well today I spent a lot of time playing with my kiddos and I got up to date a little on our photo albums...only 8 months behind now! :) Fortunately hubby is home tomorrow so I am hoping to get a lot more done. I also spent a little time on Etsy today (surprise, surprise) and snagged a treasury.

I chose one of my favorite color combinations - Turquoise and Yellow. I love any shade of blue and yellow is just so cheery! :) Click HERE to see the treasury in its full glory along with links to the fabulous shops.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new blog look too! I was just playing around with it this evening. I liked my other one but I like the clean, more professional look of the white when I visit other blogs. I also changed my header to my Etsy shop banner. What do you think...better or not?


Christi Snow said...

turquoise and yellow...yum! One of my favorite color combinations and you have created an incredibly inspiring collage here! LOVE the clean look to the blog too! smiles...

SleightGirl said...

Beautiful header, and beautiful treasury! They even match!

Piggy said...

Bright yellow & aqua blue combo! Love it. Definitely a FP worthy :)

God Bless

cabin + cub said...

Great treasury! Love the color combo! ;)

Rhiannon said...

Love the NEW LOOK! Super Fabuloso :) Hope all is well in with you and yours...saw some of you fab new stuff on display at LM...LOVE IT!! Great job :)