Going Digital - Baby Shower Invitation and Ideas

So, for awhile now I have been tempted to try some digital scrapbooking.  Don't get me wrong...I love the traditional paper and glue and getting my hands involved in the creative process.  But I've been thinking that some digital pages now and then might allow me to capture more moments.  So, I finally was inspired enough by my upcoming baby shower to see if I could create a digital invitation.  I looked at lots of cute ideas on Etsy and then found some great free digital kits to play with.  And I came up with this!

I am really happy with how this turned out.  Although I definitely will need to practice a lot for digital scrapbooking to really become a time saving alternative for me.  :)

All of these fabulous images are from an adorable kit called Sunny Days by Just Jaimee which you can download for free on her site if you want to try out digital scrapbooking.  A huge thank you to Jaimee for allowing me to use these great images she designed to create a invitation that I absolutely love! :)

And how fun would it be to then have rainbow, cloud, and sun decor for the actual baby shower.  I was thinking about some of these:

This last photo is a fun idea for favors by Nature Favors on Etsy...they are little seed balls that are filled with wildflowers.  I love how she wraps them to look like tissue paper flowers already in bloom!

And I thought these plates might be cute too!
Just had to share!  Have wonderfully, colorful day!

I'm planning to stay home with my boys and clean house today...maybe I'll find some time to create a traditional layout too!


sandee said...

Cute baby shower, and your theme will be so bright and cheerful! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Cath said...

I love the invitation you've created--so bright and fun! :)

Frances said...

If there's something which needs to always be present in baby shower invitations, it's the bright colors which appeal to the eye of the recipient.