Photography 201 - New & Improved...Thanks Elisha!

Well, my photography class with Elisha Snow ended and the final assignment was to take 10 pictures of the same subjects/theme as we did before class started so that we could see how far we've come.  Oh baby, have I come a long way!  :)  I absolutely loved this class...if you enjoy photography, I highly recommend Elisha's classes.  In fact, I'm planning to take another class from her this month.  It's called Photo Finish and I know I'm going to learn a lot about using Photoshop/Elements to take my pictures to a whole new level.

So, I wanted to share with you all my new and improved photos!  First, check out my pictures prior to taking Elisha's class HERE.  Even though I do think some of those first photos are good, none of them were taken in full manual mode and I know that overall my skills have greatly improved, as I'm sure you'll agree after seeing the pictures I am now taking in full manual mode.  Ready?! 

1.  Someone you love - (my youngest son)

2.  Two people you love (both my boys)

3.  Your favorite food

4.  A flower, tree, or plant.

5.  A landscape. (I think this is better than my 'before' landscape picture, however, really I just need to go to a beach or somewhere besides my neighborhood to get a really great landscape photo.)

6. A person in action (love the blurred background on this...makes it seem like he was really going fast!)  I created this photo by focusing on my subject and panning with him as I took the picture.

7.  A candid photo

8.  A self-portrait (HUGE improvement...yeah!)

9.  A favorite object in your home (the leaves definitely look better this time around and for the 2nd photo I had to deal with glass and a mirror and was still able to get it to turn out great!)

These thankful blocks were my first published project and now they have a special place in my home.

10.  A group portrait (I have a few but none I can show...you'll just have to trust me that they look better too! :)

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