More Photography Fun!

So, it's week 1 of Elisha Snow's Mastering the Manual Mode photography class and already I am enjoying it and realizing that I still have A LOT to learn! Our assignment this week has been to shoot the same subject in a variety of settings with the same ISO. Here are a few of my favorites from my photo shoot today:

Outside in the shade and in direct sunlight

I loved how this inside photo turned out...the lighting was good but also I think I love it because of the colorful marble tower that also tells more of a story about my little guy right now. So, I was inspired to do a little photo shoot of him playing. Here are a few more of my favorites from that.

I love the close ups that show his sweet little hands and how is learning and discovering while playing.
* Right now you love playing with this marble tower. I think you have played with it every day this past week. You are not so interested in building it...you call on Mommy or Daddy to create a new tower for you each day. But then you can literally spend hours throughout the day playing with it. You like to experiment with different marbles, putting them all down at once or just watching one or two go down at a time. You are learning probably more than I even realize as you drop the marbles down the tube and enjoy manipulating how fast or slow they go down by stopping them or helping them along the way. You make up little games while you're playing...I hear you talking about how the marbles are chasing one another. I watch as you look at the tower from different angles and often catch you smiling as you watch the marbles traveling through this colorful maze. It's wonderful to watch you grow and explore and you often invite us to join you in this newly discovered treasure!

I am definitely going to be scrapbooking this in the near future!


de said...

Very cool Kerry! I need to re-take my class I took last year. I did'nt practice enough... your son is so adorable! These pics will make an awesome LO!

Unknown said...

Great photos and a very adorable subject. I believe that blogs in general are a form of scrapbooking. They contain photos, stories and memories...isn't that what scrapbooking is all about?

Love seeing your little boy at play. These moments are precious.

Laura Twiford said...

Kerry your son is precious and he looks just like you! Great photos, I especially love the one where his hands are in focus and he is a little blurry, very cool! You are so good, working at the assignments, I haven't gotten started yet! reading is all.