Limelight Papercrafts WCMD Challenge

Limelight Papercrafts is having a fun challenge on their blog today where you can win some card making goodies! You can check it out HERE. These are my entries for the challenge.

What's in your bag? #1

Here is a picture of my breakfast item...Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal.

What's in your bag? #3

Here is my half finished, okay maybe only a third finished, project. It will be a cute little Halloween treat box.

What's in your bag? #5

Like Mandy, we have already gotten into the Halloween candy that is supposed to be for the 'trick or treaters'. We got this box at Costco when they had a $5 off coupon but by the time Halloween comes around we are just going to need to buy another one anyway!

What's in your bag? #6

Here is a picture of my oldest son zonked out on the couch after a busy day.

What's in your bag? #7

Here it is...the last one. A picture of my favorite pair of shoes...New Balance slip-on shoes in brown! They are quick to put on (which is always a bonus with kids) and they are super comfy.

Thanks Mandy for this fun game! For anyone visiting my blog, if you haven't checked out Limelight Papercrafts yet, HERE is the link. They carry tons of fabulous card making/scrapbooking products!


Mandy said...

Great pics! So glad to have you playing along!

Kevin Renz said...

Great cards Kerry! Thanks for playing :)